A Message to the IGE Community

After a brief hiatus during Covid, IGE resumed its global philanthropic activities in 2023. International Music and Art Immersions are under development, as we turned our attention to other important activities. With entirely new lineups, IGE Immersions will engage our existing participants and donors while drawing supporters from diverse musical communities.

In January, 2023, in Kaua’i, IGE in partnership with local nonprofits produced the inaugural annual Lokahi (Unity), a free youth concert to address teen bullying and suicide featuring Paula Fuga, many local artists, and prominent mental health speakers. While enjoying a day of music in a top tier venue, teens were provided with critical information and counseling.

In March 2024, IGE produced Lokahi, our second annual youth concert series to address teen mental health, bullying and suicide. In 2024, we shifted our model from holding the event at a stand alone venue, to bringing artists, speakers and resources into the schools.

In 2023, Lokahi reached approximately 400 students. In 2024, Lokahi reached over 2,000 students. In 2025, we intend to triple the number of students served by the program through increasing the number of concerts and expanding Lokahi to Oahu. We intend to expand Lokahi statewide by 2030, and to the mainland thereafter.

About Innovative Giving Enhancement

Mission: Innovative Giving Enhancement unites international musician, nonprofit and arts patron communities through musical retreats, cross-cultural collaboration and global benefit performances.

Vision: A world transformed through cross-cultural musical collaboration in service of global community.Innovative Giving Enhancement “IGE” is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit public charity founded in 2014.

IGE is governed by artists and arts patrons for the benefit of musician and nonprofit communities worldwide.